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More and more people find that doing the work themselves is often the most cost-effective way to move cross country. If you’d rather pack it yourself, then keep reading to learn how U-Pack compares to traditional do-it-yourself moving companies.

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How ABF U-Pack compares to traditional pack yourself moving companies
Seventeen years ago, it was a no-brainer that if you wanted to go with a pack yourself moving company, you would have to drive. Do-it-yourself literally meant that you did everything, including driving the rental truck by yourself. But in 1997, ABF introduced U-Pack Moving, and the face of do-it-all-yourself moving changed dramatically. People were able to see the same savings they saw by moving in a rental truck, but it got a lot easier – they didn’t have to drive! Sixteen years later, U-Pack is still a leader among do-it-yourself moving companies. Here’s what you need to know about a DIY move with U-Pack:

U-Pack is convenient.
Unlike truck rental where you do everything yourself, U-Pack strives to make things easier on you. Instead of picking up the rental truck, U-Pack delivers their moving equipment direct to your door for loading. And when you’re done unloading, U-Pack picks up the empty equipment. And as I talked about above, U-Pack does all the driving for you. Convenience matters when you’re moving a long distance. Watch this video on How U-Pack Works here.

U-Pack has competitive pricing.
I bet you’re wondering how U-Pack is able to offer rates competitive with truck rental when you don’t have to do any of the driving. Well, it’s because of ABF, U-Pack’s primary transportation provider. ABF is one of the most efficient linehaul carriers in the industry, meaning that as they constantly move from one service center to the next, the cost savings are passed directly to you. Get a free moving quote from U-Pack here and see how much you can save on your move today.

U-Pack has fast transit times.
ABF is so efficient that U-Pack averages cross country transit times of 2-5 business days. That’s pretty fast for a pack it yourself move. And if you need your belongings even faster, just ask about U-Pack Guaranteed when you call.

U-Pack saves you money.
When you book a truck rental move, the quote you get isn’t your final price. You have to factor in the cost of gas to fill up the truck, too. With U-Pack, fuel is included in your moving quote, along with sales tax, and experienced driver, and standard liability coverage. Use this rental truck fuel calculator to see how much you could potentially pay out of pocket just for gas.

U-Pack has flexible service options.
When comparing U-Pack to traditional pack yourself moving companies, you’ll find that U-Pack will often be the most flexible. You see, U-Pack charges you by the amount of space you use, not what truck size you choose. Usually, the better you pack and load, the less space you use. And with U-Pack, the less space you use means the less you pay for your move. U-Pack customers love being able to control the price of their move. Try out this space estimator tool to see how much space you’ll need with U-Pack, then begin to read up on some excellent packing and loading tips from U-Pack here.

U-Pack offers additional moving options.

  • In addition to the flexible do-it-yourself moving options above, ABF U-Pack is able to provide you with access to a nationwide network of experienced moving labor for help on one or both ends of your move. Get a quote from U-Pack here with moving help added on.
  • While you can’t store your belongings directly in a rental truck after you load, you can store your belongings directly in U-Pack’s trailer or moving container after you load at a secure ABF Service Center. Get a moving quote here with storage options added on.
  • For those who want to cut their moving expenses even further, U-Pack is able to offer a terminal-to-terminal moving option. Instead of the moving equipment delivered to you for loading/unloading, you go to the moving equipment located at the ABF Service Center closest to your origin and destination. Get a moving estimate here for this kind of money-saving move.

ABF U-Pack – the alternative to traditional DIY moving companies
As you can read above, U-Pack works hard to set the standard for competitive cross country moving prices, flexible service options, fast transit times, and customer convenience. If you have a question about how pack yourself moving options like U-Pack can save you money, just give a U-Pack moving representative a call at 800-413-4799, click here for a free moving quote, or leave me a comment below. I’m happy to help you learn more about the affordable moving solutions U-Pack can offer you.

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