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Cross Country Moving Services

Posted By:
Jeremy 10/5/2010
11:36 AM

What are the different types of cross country moving services?

Like we've said before, moving isn't an easy task.  However, finding the right moving company that fits your needs can make it a lot less stressful.  So how do you sort through the many cross country moving services out there?  Refer to this post as a quick breakdown of the options you'll find when planning your move cross country.

Probably the most commonly known way to move is by truck rental.  While this may not be so bad if you're just moving down the street, it's a whole new ballgame if you're moving across the country.  Rental trucks tend to be gas guzzlers, so you'll want to keep in mind the fuel cost--not to mention extra hotel stays and meals on the road if you're thinking about driving yourself hundreds (or thousands) of miles in a rental truck.

Going full-service is another one of the cross country moving services to consider.  The opposite of using a rental, full-service movers typically pack and load your belongings, drive to your destination, then unload your items.  A point to remember about going full-service: since you're leaving most of the work up to the movers, the cost is significantly higher than most cross country moving services.  Also, transit times tend to be slower for full-service companies, averaging 2 weeks or longer depending on your location.

The meet-in-the-middle solution to these options is a 'you-pack, we-drive' service.  U-Pack is the self-move alternative that combines the money-saving aspect of loading your own belongings with the convenience of letting a professional do the driving.  With U-Pack, you have up to three business days to load your belongings.  Then, a professional ABF driver delivers your moving trailer or ReloCube to your new home, where you'll have 3 more days to unload.  Because of ABF's specialized linehaul system, transit times average 2 to 5 business days practically anywhere in the U.S.  Choosing a self-move option such as U-Pack from the many cross country moving services out there is the easiest way to stay within your budget.                    

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