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Creative Ways to Stay in Touch after Moving Long Distance

February 10th, 2013 - 12:32 PM

The Best Ways to Stay in Touch After Moving Long Distance

Long gone are the days of the Pony Express. If you are moving long distance, you can still easily keep in touch with your family and friends. Let’s explore some high-tech, mid-tech, and low-tech options for staying in touch after the move.

Low-Tech Ways to Stay in Touch After Moving

Of course, you have traditional methods like phone calls and writing letters, but let’s put a spin on it.

I do call my friends who have moved far away, but with some of them, we have standing appointments. It’s easy to stay in touch when you know that you will talk every week at a certain time. One of my friends lives in Alabama (and I’m in Arkansas) and we talk every week on Thursdays. Don’t just say “I’ll call you” but make plans for a phone date.

And when it comes to letter writing, why not keep a traveling journal? Take a notebook and write a letter to your friend, then mail it to them and they’ll write on the next page and send it back to you. This way, you can keep all your letters together. You could take turns keeping the journal for a week at a time, so you can jot questions, write stories, and even draw pictures in it before sending it. See, low-tech can be fun!

Be sure to let everyone know your new address (so you can get all that snail-mail) with an address change e-card.

Mid-Tech Options for Long Distance Communication

Email, chat, and social media are my favorite ways to keep in touch long distance. I chat with one of my friends online almost daily. Of course, sites like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs make long-distance communication easy too; it’s a great way to share videos, pictures, and words. I keep a personal blog, and it’s a great way for my family who live far away to stay involved in my daily life. You can easily set up a blog for free on blogger.com or wordpress.com.

Cell phones might be a cheaper option for staying in touch than the traditional land line. Most cell phones offer very reasonably priced long-distance calling. In fact, I don’t even have a long-distance plan on my home phone anymore; I just make all my calls on my cell phone. Check your rates to see if using a cell phone would be better for your wallet.

High-Tech Options for Staying in Touch after a Long-Distance Move

If you’re comfortable with technology, the options are truly endless for keeping in contact with your loved ones. No matter the distance, you can stay in touch.

Video calling is a great way to do this. You just need a smart phone with a video camera or a webcam. Services like Skype.com or FaceTime (on Apple devices) make video calling easy and affordable. I have a friend who lives in Cambodia, and I regularly video chat with her. You can call anyone else on Skype for free, so encourage your friends to set up an account too.

There are many apps that make staying in touch after you move really easy. Some of my favorites are HeyTell and WhatsApp Messenger. You and your friends need to download these apps to use them.

HeyTell allows you to send voice messages, sort of like verbal texts, to friends. It is nice when you only have a short message for your friend, or if your friend is busy and can’t talk. It is sort of like leaving a voicemail, but there is no “call me back” message. I use this when I think of something random to tell my friends. I will HeyTell them “Oh my goodness, Taco Bell now has Doritos tacos! How crazy is that? Where were they when we were in college and eating all that fast food?” That message wouldn’t be worthy of a phone call, but it is a way to keep connected with my friends.

WhatsApp allows you to use the app to send pictures, video, and text messages without SMS fees. You can text internationally with this app as well. You can also use group messaging with WhatsApp, no matter who their mobile carrier is, so you can talk with a group of friends or family all at once easily.

The Importance of Staying Connected After Moving Long Distance

Moving long distance can be hard, especially when you leave family and friends behind. You can help ease the pain by staying in touch. You don’t have to spend lots of money, or even lots of time, in order to stay connected. Just use some of these creative ways and stay in touch with your loved ones! Do you have any other ideas for staying in touch after moving long distance? Leave us a comment below!

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