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Comparing PODS® Competitors

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Compare PODS® Competitors (Then go U-Pack!)
If you're reading this blog, you're probably moving, planning a move, or have at least moved in the past. Therefore, I'm guessing you're not surprised that moving companies and their equipment are not created equal. What you may not know are the specifics – which can make a big difference! Since portable storage containers are a popular way to move these days, take a look at these PODS® competitors to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

A breakdown of PODS® competitors

PODS®: First things first: you can't compare without knowing all the info to begin with. PODS® has three container sizes: 7'x8'x8', 12'x8'x8', and 16'x8'x8' (LxWxH). Despite a wider variety in size than many of their competitors, PODS® rates and a limited service area may end up being a deal breaker for some consumers.

U-Pack ReloCube®: A list of PODS® competitors wouldn't be complete without our personal favorite, the ReloCube. At 6'3"x7'x8'4", the steel or aluminum container is weatherproof (unlike wood) and sits right on the ground (convenient for loading/unloading!). Use as many ReloCubes as you need and only pay for the ones you use. If you're moving a bunch of belongings, there's always a moving trailer for larger moves— with U-Pack, you pick and choose the equipment that's best for you. Get a free moving quote today!

PACK-RAT®: offers 12- and 16-foot containers constructed of steel. Kudos on the sturdiness; however size limitations make it difficult for small moves and those with lots and lots of stuff.

The U-Haul U-Box®: is made of wood and utilizes a soft covering to drape the container. Dimensions come in at 8'x5'x7'6", with the door opening on the 5' side. The U-Box also has a maximum weight capacity that's 500 lbs less than U-Pack's smallest moving option.

Door-to-Door® containers: measure 8'x5'x7' and are wooden containers with a tarp-like covering very similar to the U-Box®. The configuration of this PODS® competitors' container measurements may make it difficult (or impossible) to move some large or unusual pieces of furniture.
What do you think of the different moving options available these days? Leave a comment and let us know!