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Children and Moving: Easing the Transition

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When you combine children and moving, you can end up feeling very drained. Not only are you trying to get your kids in the mood for moving long distance, but you yourself have to prepare for the move, too. Ease the transition of moving with children with helpful tips from U-Pack:

Helpful Tips for moving with children

  • Assign each child a task from U-Pack’s moving checklist to remind you to stay on task.
  • Designate a box for unwanted toys. Have them put each toy in a box labeled 1-5 with 1 being toys they don’t like and 5 being toys they really love to play with. If there are toys in box 1 or 2, encourage them to donate it to a child who may not have as many fun toys to play with.
  • If you’re driving to your new location, try turning off the electronics and play some traditional road trip games.
  • When you’re packing, make sure the kids understand why you have to move. Talk about the advantages of moving to the new location such as a lake, amusement park, or fun thing to do.
  • Let your kids label their own moving boxes e.g. “Tommy’s Trucks” or “Susie’s Dolls”
  • Put a surprise bucket in the each kid’s seat in the car so that when you depart from your home for the last time, the surprise basket will immediately distract any sad emotions about moving. The surprise basket could include maps of the different states you will drive through, photographs of the new destination, a new book to read or new game for their video game device, or their favorite snack.
  • Your kids will be nervous about being at a new school and trying to make new friends. Before you leave, have your kid’s friends write down their home and/or email addresses when they come to say goodbye so the friendship can carry on. This will probably be the hardest part for your children and moving.
  • When you get to your new home, get your kids started on unpacking their boxes first. (This means loading them last on the trailer, so you unload them first). They will be excited about rediscovering toys they might have forgotten about. If they start playing with a toy instead of unpacking, let them. This way, they won’t be troubling you when you are unloading the big furniture or unpacking the kitchen (which takes forever!)
  • If your children are young, you may want to arrange for a babysitter or friend to watch them as you unload. You don’t want them to get hurt in the shuffle.
  • Use a “you pack, they drive” moving service like U-Pack, so that you can travel to you and your family can travel to your new home in your personal vehicle, rather than in a rental truck. Get a quote for a U-Pack move here.


Your tips for moving with kids

Do you have any tips to ease the transition for moving with children? Leave a comment below with your tip for making the children and moving transition easier! The combination of moving with children is always easier when you are prepared to get your kids, and yourself, in the mood to move!
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