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Cheapest Way to Move Long Distance

April 29th, 2016 - 3:23 PM

Cheap long distance moving companies — what’s the difference?​

Long distance moving costs will vary depending on the type of service you choose, when you’re moving and how much you’re moving. If you’ve checked out customer comments online in your search for the cheapest way to move long distance, you may be wondering what makes U-Pack® a great option for those looking to keeps costs low. When it comes to moving, we work hard to make it easy and affordable. Take a look at how our customizable service, efficient transportation system and flexible moving options combine to make us one of cheapest long distance moving options.

cheapest way to move long distance

How U-Pack long distance moving works

One of the biggest differences between U-Pack and other DIY moving companies is that we handle the driving. You’re able to keep your costs low by doing the packing and loading yourself. Another detail that sets us apart from other low cost long distance moving companies is that our rates include fuel, transportation costs and basic liability coverage. Customers appreciate that our rates include the things that are extra costs with truck rental. Here’s how a U-Pack move works:

  • An empty trailer or ReloCube is brought to your home
  • You have up to three business days to load
  • We deliver to your new home
  • You have up to three business days to unload
  • We pick up the empty equipment

Easy enough, right? While U-Pack may be a little different from what you were picturing when you thought of moving long distance cheap, it’s a great option for any size move.

Even in areas where our rates are a little higher, customers enjoy the time and stress savings they get when they move with U-Pack. “Cheapest” may not always be best if it means a tougher move. Since we handle all the driving, you don’t have to spend days behind the wheel of a bulky rental truck or worry about leaving your belongings parked in a hotel parking lot. Instead, you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings are being safely transported to your new home.

How our transportation system keeps your costs low

Many full-service movers load your belongings and wait until they have other people moving in the same direction before they transport your items– which could take weeks. With U-Pack, you load into a trailer and the rest of the space is filled with commercial freight (like electronics or palletized freight) heading in the same direction. Using proficient carriers like ABF Freight, U-Pack transports items quickly, with most moves arriving in just 2-5 business days.  This well-organized, efficient transportation system can help you get the cheapest long distance move possible without having to drive.

Flexibility when moving long distance

Another business aspect that makes U-Pack affordable is the flexibility to use the space you need.  Instead of trying to figure out which size truck you should rent and paying for a bigger truck than you might need (or worse — getting a truck that’s too small for your stuff), U-Pack lets you pay for only the space you use. This way, you’re in charge of the price! You’ll get a quote based on the space that’s typically needed for the size of your home or apartment, but you’ll also receive a “per-foot adjustment rate” so you know exactly how much to add or subtract from the total if you use more or less space. For example, if you are quoted for 15 feet of trailer space but only use 14, you will subtract your adjustment rate one time from your quote to find your final cost. If you use 16 feet, no problem! Just add the adjustment rate to your total. We also offer ReloCube moving containers that work the same way. You pay for the Cubes you use – so if you think you might need 3 Cubes, but end up fitting into 2, you’ll only pay for the 2 Cubes you use.

Common questions about cheap long distance moving with U-Pack

Now that you know how U-Pack works and how we keep costs low, you may have some questions about the details. We’ve answered some common FAQs below to help you find the cheapest way to move long distance.

How do I get long distance moving quotes?

While prices differ based on where you’re moving from and to, when you’re moving and how much you’re moving, getting an instant quote online is very easy. Just enter the basics about your move and we’ll show you the price instantly (in a few cases a manual review is required and we may email it to you in one business day).

What happens if I don’t fill up the entire trailer? Is my stuff mixed with other people’s stuff?

Not with U-Pack. We only allow one household goods move per trailer. You’ll load your belongings, tie everything down and install a secure divider wall called a bulkhead at the end of your shipment. The wall stays up until you remove it at the destination. The remaining trailer space is used to move commercial goods moving in the same direction – that’s what helps keep your long-distance moving costs so low! If you move in a ReloCube® container, it’s all yours. Just put a lock on it and keep the key.

I’m moving a large home, what if I need the whole trailer or more than one trailer?

No problem — use as much of the trailer as you need and only pay for the space you use. If you need a second trailer we can deliver it once the first one is loaded. Just ask your helpful moving consultant to provide a quote for a full trailer and space on a second.

I have a very small move and there’s no way I could fill up an entire trailer. Can you still move it long distance?

Absolutely. U-Pack was designed for small moves. The minimum space in a trailer is 5 linear feet, which is just right for one room of furniture and boxes. If you need more space, it’s available! We also offer the ReloCube, which is a great option for small moves. Read more about moving furniture long distance.

I don’t know my destination address yet, can I still reserve my move?

Yes. And you’re not alone – this is a common occurrence with long-distance moves. It’s helpful if we know your destination city and zip code ahead of time to calculate an accurate price, but the physical address can be updated at a later date. Just call as soon as you know your address and we’ll be happy to add it to your move plan. Keep in mind that if there’s a change in your destination city or zip code, it could result in a change in the price of your long distance move.

What is the cheapest way to move long distance with U-Pack?

If you know that you want to move with U-Pack, and are looking to cut costs even more, we do have other money saving options to keep in mind. We offer loading, unloading (or both) at a local service center, which saves even more money. For the cheapest move possible, we also recommend getting rid of any unwanted items. Since you pay for the space you use, it’s best not to move anything you no longer want or need. To explore your options for cheap long distance moving, talk with one of our moving consultants at 800-413-4799.

Can you move pets?

Because of the nature of our service, we are unable to move pets long distance. You can either keep them with you as you travel or check out these cheap pet shipping options. Check out these tips for moving a pet long distance.

The best long distance moving company

With fast transit times, no driving required and no paying out of pocket for fuel, U-Pack is certainly the best way to move long distance affordably and efficiently.

Have questions about your long-distance moving cost? Want to know how to get the cheapest rates? Ask away! Leave a comment, get an online quote or call a helpful U-Pack moving specialist at 800-413-4799.