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Cheapest Way to Move Furniture to Another State

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Moving Furniture from State to State

So, you’re moving to a different state and have lots of furniture to move. Of course, you want to move it all affordably, but how do you know the cheapest way to move your king-size bed and Grandma’s china cabinet? There are many moving services out there ranging from expensive to cheap – how do you know which one is best? There are several things to consider when you’re searching for the cheapest option for moving your stuff.

moving furniture to another state

Consider Weight vs. Space

Many moving companies charge based on the weight of your furniture, and for some this can be a big problem. Your bathroom scale can’t exactly weigh your dining room table, so how do you go about estimating your cost? Unless you’ve moved before, and are moving the same size home again, it’s difficult to budget and plan for this type of move. It requires a representative from the moving company walking through your home to estimate weight.

So, I suggest choosing a moving option that charges by space (specifically linear footage – not cubic footage). You can easily measure that your couch is 6 feet long. And since U-Pack charges only for the space you use, more often than not you’ll find it’s the cheapest option for moving furniture to another state.

DIY Packing and Loading/Unloading

When you move with a full-service moving company, you can expect to pay for packing, loading and unloading. However, if you choose a “you pack, we drive” service like U-Pack, you can save a lot of money by packing and loading your furniture yourself. You may even be able to talk a few friends into helping you load the sofa; the cost of a couple of pizzas is much cheaper than paying a company to do it all for you.

Choose Off-Peak Times

If your moving dates are flexible, select off-peak days for moving – this is when you’ll get the cheapest prices. Typically, the beginning and end of the month are busier than mid-month, and summer months are the peak times of the year to move.  Just like airfare, if you choose off-peak times, the demand and prices are lower. Peak moving times not only are more expensive, but dates can also fill up because of equipment availability. A moving quote will automatically give you the lowest date during your time frame.

Consider Fees, Safety and Time

You’ve heard the saying “You get what you pay for?” It really is true that some offers are just too good to be true. If you’re paying for moving services, you definitely want to make sure you’re getting what you need, and you certainly don’t want to end up paying much more than you expect. So when you’re comparing moving options, there are a few questions to ask: Are there additional fees? How safe are my belongings in transit? How long will it take to get my items from point A to point B?  

Some moving services may charge you for extra mileage, or there are fuel costs to include in your cost. Be sure when deciding which option is cheapest that you consider these extras.

When it comes to U-Pack, the cost is all inclusive; there’s no extra charge for fuel, mileage or taxes.  U-Pack does the driving for you, so you don’t have to maneuver a big moving truck on unfamiliar highways or pay for fuel. We move you quickly too; the average transit time is 2-5 business days (compare that to 7-21 day transit times other companies offer).

And if you need it, U-Pack can even guarantee the EXACT day your shipment will arrive at your destination, with U-Pack Guaranteed—a perfect option if you’re on a tight schedule.

So what makes U-Pack the cheapest furniture moving service?

U-Pack has revolutionized moving to allow you to save money and ditch the rental truck. When you’re moving out of state, U-Pack will give you flexible options and get your stuff there fast. It works like this: U-Pack brings a moving trailer or moving container to your home.  You load your furniture (and whatever else you are moving) inside. Then, the equipment is picked up and transported state to state to your new home. You unload. U-Pack picks up the empty equipment.

Rates are low, but especially when you consider that you’re not adding in extra costs like fuel, along with the time and stress savings of not having to drive – you can see how U-Pack is the best way to move your furniture.

Get a free moving quote!                                                         

So, if you’re searching for the cheapest way to move furniture to another state, get a free moving quote from U-Pack. It’s a great option when you want a reliable, safe, timely option that’s also affordable. You pack. We drive. You save.®

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