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Cheapest Way to Move a Small Amount of Furniture

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How to Ship a Small Amount of Furniture Without Spending Too Much Money

If you ask your friends how to move furniture on the cheap, you’ll get a variety of answers.  Some will tell you not to move it at all, but sell everything and buy new stuff for your new home.  Some will tell you to rent a truck. Some might have the best idea: to use U-Pack. If you’re like me, you’ll actually want to move your furniture to your new home, even if it’s just a few pieces. But how do you do that for the cheapest price?

cheapest way to move a small amount of furniture

Options for Moving Small Amounts of Furniture

Rental trucks. If you only have a few pieces of furniture to move, you probably won’t be able to fill a rental truck. And if you can’t fill a truck, then you have a few different issues to face. First, you end up paying for a truck you don’t fill up all the way. Second, your items can shift (a tip for safely moving your furniture is to pack it high and tight). Third, you have to actually drive the rental truck (and pay for fuel!). So rental trucks may not be the ideal option when you’ve just got a few things to move.

Portable storage container. To move a small amount of furniture, you need a smaller container. Many companies offer moving containers, but for a small amount of stuff, the more compact the better. The U-Pack ReloCube is ideal. It’s a portable storage container measuring 6’x 7’ x 8’. It's a weatherproof, custom-built metal container with tie down points located all throughout the interior – great for securing your items and keeping them safe during transit. It's perfect for moving just a few pieces of furniture because you load it yourself and you can tightly fit everything into the Cube (making for a safe trip). The ReloCube is a really great option for smaller moves.

Moving with U-Pack is easy, affordable, and customizable. You can even arrange to add storage if you don’t need your furniture right away, or we can refer you to moving help if you need it.

Go ahead; find out how much your move would cost with U-Pack. Get a free moving quote and see just how cheap moving in a ReloCube can be. Your small move will be easy and affordable with U-Pack moving. It’s as simple as it sounds.

Moving Trailer. If you’re not sure how much space you’ll need, a U-Pack moving trailer is a great option. It’s designed with flexibility in mind. Though it’s 28’ x 8’ x 9’ (LxWxH), you can use as much space as you need. To help you picture how the linear footage works, imagine the interior as 28 “slices,” and each “slice” is one foot of the trailer’s length, along with the full height and width. You can use as few as 5 “slices,” all 28, or anywhere in between. For a small amount of furniture, you may only need the five linear feet, or you might need an extra foot or two. You only pay for the space you use, so you can load your furniture inside without worry of running out of space. And, just like a ReloCube, with a U-Pack moving trailer, you don’t have to drive. You can get a quote here to check prices.

The Best Way to Move a Few Pieces of Furniture?

Check out U-Pack! Not only can you move without having to drive, but you have the flexibility to either use a moving container or a moving trailer. When you’re moving long distance, U-Pack often offers prices that are comparable to U-Haul. It’s the better way to move.

Get a free moving quote for your small amount of furniture or call one of our moving specialists at 1-800-413-4799.

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