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Cheap Halloween Costumes Made At Home- Use Boxes!

October 25th, 2012 - 5:18 PM

If you have leftover moving boxes or you’re just looking for cheap Halloween costumes, check out these great costume ideas – they’re all things made out of boxes! You’ll be amazed at the creativity we found when we stared compiling these ideas – all from a simple box. Most of these costumes require only paint, scissors and tape. Just get ready to bust out with the coolest costume on the block.

Children and Adult Halloween Costumes Made with Boxes

When it comes to costumes made from boxes, there are endless possibilities – especially if you have a little one with a big imagination. Here’s a great one to start with if you have a Thomas the Train® fan – we found it here, on family.go.com. You can find the “how to” instructions there too.

Thomas the Train costume made out of a box

Halloween is all about the candy, right? What if you could actually BE the candy for Halloween? With a little paint, you can easily transform a simple box into your favorite box of candy. SWEET! We found this idea (and photo) here, at ivillage.com.

Candy costumes made out of a box

Another simple (and awesome) costume you can make out of a box and some inexpensive round craft boxes is an old favorite: a Lego®! We found this great idea and photo here, at countryliving.com.

Leggo Halloween costume

With some handy painting skills, you can easily transform a plain box into dice, a Rubik’s Cube, or a take-out box. So simple! The take-out box is actually one of my favorite ideas – it came from www.aturtleslifeforme.com – check out the instructions here.  All she did was draw the design on poster board to look like their favorite takeout container, then covered the box. Awesome.

Take-out food costume made from a box

Halloween Costumes for Couples and Groups Using Boxes

Who doesn’t love a great couples Halloween costume contest? Here are some great ideas for couples costumes you can make cheap and easy out of boxes.

I love this first one. The “Barbie and Ken in the Box” costume is perfect if you have wardrobe boxes. We found it at costume-works.com – check out the instructions here.

Barbie and Ken in a box costume

For a big group, how about combining several boxes and be Tetris pieces? We found this great costume idea at nintendolife.com. Check it out here. Life of the party? I think so. (Just make sure you can fit through doorways so you aren’t stuck partying outside.

Tetris costume made from boxes

I know there are more great Halloween costumes made out of boxes. We would love to see your ideas! Send them to us at moving@upack.com and we’ll post them on U-Pack’s Facebook Page!