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Bulkhead = Cheap Moving Prices and Reliable Service

November 5th, 2008 - 4:30 PM

If you've been researching moving companies and are familiar with U-Pack, you probably know that one of the reasons we can provide a cheap moving alternative is because the space you don't use in the trailer is used to move boxed or palletized commercial goods. So, when you've got a long distance move, we can drive for you and keep the price similar to (or less than) truck rental prices.

So, how do we separate your stuff?
First of all, you're the only household goods move on the trailer, so you don't have to worry about your stuff getting mixed up with someone else's. And, to separate your things from the commercial goods, we'll provide a divider wall for you to install – called a Bulkhead.

Two types of Bulkheads
Depending on the location, we offer both a hydraulic bulkhead and a lockable bulkhead. Both consist of two 4' x 8' plywood panels with metal loadbars attached. The difference is that the hydraulic type applies pressure to the sides of the trailer to hold it in place (similar to how a shower rod hangs), and the lockable version has T-shaped ends that attach to the slats in the trailer walls.

The Bulkhead
So, let's talk about it…First, it's easy to install – and we've got several resources available to show and tell you how to do it - check out the step-by-step written instructions for the hydraulic bulkhead and the lockable bulkhead, or our online video. Each bulkhead also has a copy of the instructions attached for easy installation. It takes two people for set up and removal, so make sure you've got a little help. And, we recommend that you wear gloves.

A little trivia
Now, if you've got kids or just a love of random pop culture trivia…Bulkhead is also the name of an Autobot in the Transformer series of action figures and cartoons.