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Budget® Truck Rental Gas Mileage

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Does gas mileage does have an impact on your Budget rental truck price?

If you’re trying to decide whether it’s more economical to drive a Budget rental truck or go another route for your move, then you'll want to determine your fuel costs before reserving your truck. Fuel costs can really add up, and in some cases, you may pay as much for gas as you did to rent the truck! This post focuses on the gas mileage you can expect from a Budget truck along with some affordable moving alternatives.

 calculate gas mileage for a Budget rental truck

What you can expect in terms of Budget truck rental gas mileage

According to Budget truck rental’s website, their trucks get the following gas mileage:

  • 10-foot Budget Truck – 6-10 mpg with a 35 gallon tank
  • 16-foot Budget Truck – 6-10 mpg with a 35 gallon tank
  • 24-foot Budget Truck – 8-10 mpg with a 55 gallon tank (uses diesel fuel)

Now, to figure out how much the gas mileage actually impacts your moving budget, use U-Pack’s Rental Truck Fuel Calculator. Just enter the city and state (or zips) you’re moving from and to, then click “calculate.” You’ll get an instant view of what you can expect to pay for fuel, so you can be sure and consider the additional cost of gas on your moving budget. Calculations are based on current national fuel prices, so they will be pretty accurate.

How to move WITHOUT paying extra for fuel

If the thought of paying for fuel on top of renting a truck seems like too much, you can move without paying for gas. U-Pack is a great solution for moving cross country without the additional cost of fuel. See, with U-Pack, you do the packing and loading (like you would with a Budget truck) but then you don’t drive. U-Pack delivers a moving trailer or moving container right to your door. You load it, and then it gets delivered to your new home. Customers love that fuel, taxes AND the driver are included in the price. If you compare your truck rental quote + fuel to your U-Pack quote, you’ll likely see that your U-Pack price is lower! I’m a big fan of paying less, especially when it’s easier, too!

Here’s an example of how Budget truck rental’s gas mileage can impact your price:

Based on the current national average, fuel for a 1,400 mile move (Denver to Atlanta) in a Budget rental truck will be around $680; fuel for a 2,700 mile move (New York to San Diego) will likely be around $1,350.

Now, let’s look at those same moves going U-Pack and driving your own vehicle.

If your car gets at least 26 mpg on the highway (many vehicles these days get better than that), fuel for your 1,400 mile move will cost about $180.00, saving you almost $500. Fuel for your 2,700 mile move will cost around $350.00. Wow! That’s a $1,000 difference on the cross-country move!

So instead of paying to fuel a rental truck, Go U-Pack!

If you have questions about moving with U-Pack, we’ll gladly help. And getting a free, no-obligation moving quote is easy. Just call or click – 800-413-4799.

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