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Best Way to Store and Move

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It's Flashback Friday!  Each week U-Pack revisits a blog topic that has been helpful to our readers.  Since so many of our customers have a need for storage along with their move, today we're bringing back the "What's the Best Way to Store and Move?" post.  Be sure to check the comment section of the post for more valuable moving advice— our customer's ask great questions and make some great points.  Happy Friday!! 

What's the Best Way to Store and Move?

I have to admit, when I began here six years ago, I was a little surprised by the number of customers who needed to store and move.  Specifically, those who knew they were moving, but didn't know where to. That being said, if you fall in the category of people who have no idea where they're moving, or you just aren't ready to move in, you're in good company. Somewhere around 25% of the people who move with U-Pack each year are unsure of their destination address at the time of reservation, and have a need to move and store.

When U-Pack first entered the industry 14 years ago, storage wasn't even an option— only moving.  But there was such a need for storage that moving containers called ReloCubes® were introduced.  We also began allowing portable storage in ABF moving trailers at affordable rates.  Now ReloCube storage and trailer storage are very popular U-Pack moving services. 

Why move and store in a ReloCube?
If convenience is important, these portable storage containers are a great solution.  They alleviate the rental truck/storage facility problem:  loading at your home, unloading at a storage facility, loading back up at the storage facility and unloading again at your new home (whew…just typing that made me tired).  You've heard the saying "time is money" right? With most people's busy lives, I think that's probably true.  And using portable storage containers to store and move is definitely a time saver.  Then when you consider the cost of fueling a rental truck, taxes, the storage facility deposit, monthly rental fee and renter's insurance, using portable storage containers might just be the more affordable choice all around.

The next step? Begin getting quotes for moving and storage.

You can use U-Pack even if you literally have no idea where you're moving.

It happens.

Just pack your stuff into a ReloCube or moving trailer and we'll store it at the ABF service center closest to your origin address until you're ready to move.  Or if you know the city and state you're moving to, but just aren't ready to move in, you can store it at the ABF service center closest to your destination address. 

We also offer the option of on-site storage, where you keep the ReloCube(s) at your residence until it's ready to move.  Need to store one and have one delivered?  We can do that too.  Just discuss it with your moving coordinator when you call to work out the details.

If you're ready to move, but need us to store it for a while before you move in, it's easy to request a moving quote that includes storage.  Simply enter the cities you're moving from and moving to and select the "provide storage rates" option.

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