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Baseball Fan Loyalty Rankings in the Major Leagues | Infographic

Posted By:
Becky Google+
2:58 PM
This weekend, my husband and I watched Moneyball at the theater.  If you haven't seen it, you should.  Great movie— whether you're a baseball fan or not.  While the story and concept behind what Billy Beane did with the Oakland A's was super interesting, it made me think beyond how the game is won because it's also a story of fan loyalty.  It's not difficult to show-up for a team when they're on top, with all of the best, well-known, highest-paid players.  But it's a little more difficult when they're on a losing streak and the talent pool doesn't seem quite as awesome. 

And that brings me to this…An infographic just released in the U-Pack Press Room that shows the Major League Baseball Teams with the Most Loyal Fans.  It's calculated by a brand metrics research study based on fan admiration, franchise history and team performance.  Unfortunately, Billy Beane's team didn't make the list.  Check it out and let us know what you think?  Did your team make the list?
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