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Advice for a Move to New York

Posted By:
Jeremy 1/24/2011
2:12 PM

Advice for a Move to New York
Whether it's your little town blues melting away, or just that you want to make a new start of it in old New York…a move to New York can be exciting and stressful. Your new life will likely be more hectic and demanding, but you're up for the challenge or you would never consider a move to New York. In the midst of planning your new life, you might want to think about what type of equipment will work best in your new neighborhood.

We handle two types of equipment on a move to New York City, and as you could probably guess there are parking restrictions for both the ABF moving trailer and ReloCube in the city, which can vary by borough. For a move to Manhattan, the streets are too narrow for the flatbed trailer that delivers the ReloCubes, so we only provide trailer moves into Manhattan. Because of parking restrictions, we provide up to a 4 hour "Live Unload".

What is a "Live Unload"?
When ABF performs a "Live Unload", the driver parks the tractor and trailer in the space you've secured, and rather than disconnecting the tractor from the trailer, the driver stays with it while you unload. (Unfortunately, the driver can't help unload--but if you need assistance for a quick unload, you may want to consider our MoveBuilder moving service.) If you're using a ReloCube, the driver places the unit in the parking space you specify and waits nearby with the flatbed trailer until you've finished unloading.

NYC Parking
Even though a live unload is required on a move to New York City, you'll still need to check with the local authorities (police or city hall) about the requirements for 28-foot commercial trailer parking or moving container parking in your area. Remember big cities have street cleaning days and this may impact when you are able to unload. Permits may be issued in certain areas but finding the space for the cube or trailer to stay while you unload is a necessity.

If parking is an issue and you literally end up against a "brick wall", there's one more option. (We know the views are great from the penthouse or top floor, but if you're just starting out, this may not be the case!) We have two service centers in the New York City area, and you might choose to unload at our location and transport your items by smaller truck, or we may even be able to arrange a shuttle via our MoveBuilder service. With shuttle service, we check with a local unload team who may have a smaller truck, who then picks up from our location, transports and unloads into your new apartment. This option is convenient and may be a little more pricey, but can be less stressful for you if needed.

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