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ABF.com and ABFS.com

October 8th, 2012 - 3:43 PM

While it may seem a little confusing, ABF.com and ABFS.com is actually the same site—enter either URL and you’ll go to one location. It’s the online home of ABF Freight System, Inc.—one of the nation’s most reputable commercial carriers (and transportation provider for U-Pack Moving).

At first glance, you’ll notice there’s a lot you can do at ABF.com—get quotes for various services, track shipments, look up transit times, review invoices, access reports and files, etc. But if you simply want to ship a couple of pallets of commercial freight, all of the tools and information available at ABF.com may be slightly overwhelming. So today, let’s break it down and make it easier to find the services you need.  

First, if you have a commercial shipping need and do not see a service that meets your needs, you can call ABF Customer Care at 800-610-5544. If you need to contact a specific department within ABF, you can find the phone number in contact directory at abf.com.

Services offered at ABF.com

You’ve seen the big green and yellow trucks on the interstates, but did you know what all ABF can do? A plethora of services are available to meet just about any need. Let’s take a look at each one individually.

  • Are you shipping commercial freight that’s palletized or crated? If so, and your shipment will not fill the entire 28’ trailer, your shipment is considered LTL (Less-than-Truckload). You can get an LTL rate at abf.com or by calling 888-223-0000 from 7 am to 8 pm M-F.  
  • Will your commercial shipment fill up at least one 28’ trailer? If you’re moving in bulk, you’re moving heavy items that can’t be stacked, or you’re moving more than will fit in one truck, an ABF Volume (or Truckload) shipment may be for you. Call ABF’s volume department at 800-348-0143 for pricing.
  • Are you moving household goods? Rather than abf.com, use upack.com for your households goods move. ABF delivers a trailer or ReloCube to your home. You load it, and ABF drives it to your new destination. It’s the perfect service for consumers who need to save money moving, but don’t want to drive the moving truck! Free moving quotes are available online or by calling 800-413-4799.
  • Are you shipping commercial goods on a deadline? TimeKeeper is the solution offered on ABF.com that provides expedited, on-time service. Whether you need same day, next day or second day (ground or air), TimeKeeper can help. You can get a TimeKeeper rate at abf.com or by calling 800-874-2061.
  • Do you have a logistical shipping challenge? FreightValue is a single-source brokerage service that finds the best solution at the best price. It’s the solution for commercial shippers needing intermodal, flatbed, air ride, refrigerated, escorts and other logistically challenging shipping services. FreightValue quotes are available at abf.com or by calling 877-279-8090
  • Do you need to ship internationally? ABF.com offers International Shipping Services to over 250 ports in 130 countries around the world. Call 800-422-3836 or request a rate at abfs.com.
  • Need to ship your display to a Trade Show? Need help pre-, during, and post-show?  ABFS.com offers Trade Show Shipping. For more information call 877-333-1968 (U.S.) or 800-668-7888 (Canada).
  • Need to ship a small amount of non-palletized/crated items?  ABF’s TruckPack may be the solution!  It’s is a double-wall corrugated container that fits on a standard pallet. The TruckPack can hold up to 1,500 lbs., and is perfect for return goods, assembly-line components, trade show supplies, online auction items, etc. Get more information at abf.com or call 800-610-5544.
  • Does your shipment require special handling? ABF’s TurnKey service is also available at abf.com—“white glove delivery” at its best. TurnKey is designed for the commercial shipper requiring a tailor-made shipping experience—including residential and commercial delivery. Services include stair carry, unpacking, light assembly and product placement. Visit ABF.com or call 800-753-2079 for more information about TurnKey.

Resources Available at ABF.com
There’s good reason ABF has been listed on the InformationWeek500 for 6 consecutive years, and that the company was recognized with CIO Magazine’s CIO 100 Award. ABF.com offers innovative technology that takes the challenge out of shipping. Through abf.com shippers can complete a routing search, look up transit times, pre-plan production and shipping schedules, get a rate quote, print a Bill of Lading, Submit a pickup request, create and print shipping labels, and more.  

Take some time browsing around ABFS.com! There are resources, tools, and more to help you with any logistical need.