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ABF U-Pack Terminal Closings 10/30/12

Posted By:
Becky Google+
9:48 AM
Below is a list of ABF terminals closed 10/30/12 due to Hurricane Sandy. If you have a U-Pack move scheduled in an area serviced by one of these terminals, please contact U-Pack at 800-240-7422 to speak with a U-Pack service consultant. If you do not have phone service, please email moving@upack.com.  

Following the aftermath of a hurricane/tropical storm, ABF is bound to federal, state, and local municipality safety mandates, which dictate service areas we are able to conduct business in. We will resume service in these areas as soon as conditions allow. The U-Pack Blog staff will continue updating closings as they become available to us.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people impacted by this damaging storm.   

To view a list of ABF service centers that may be experiencing service disruptions due to the tropical storm, please visit www.abfs.com/closures.

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