26 Ft Truck vs. an ABF U-Pack Moving Trailer

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26 Ft Truck vs. an ABF U-Pack Moving Trailer

When compared to a 28 ft moving trailer from U-Pack, a 26 ft truck doesn't sound much different. But did you know that a U-Pack moving trailer has almost 500 more cubic feet of space than a 26 ft truck? It's important to note that when choosing between a rental truck and a moving trailer, the amount of usable space for loading can make a big difference in your moving budget's bottom line.  

How much space does a 26 ft truck have?
U-Pack's moving trailer is 28'x8'x9', which is just over 2,000 cubic feet of space. The average 26 ft truck has just over 1,600 cubic feet at most (rental truck dimensions vary by company). In order to equal the loading space available from U-Pack, you would have to use a 26 ft truck plus another 10 ft rental truck (and the U-Pack moving trailer would still have room to spare). That means twice the rental fees and road tolls, and double the fuel costs. Plus, you'll have to have at least two adults to drive both rentals.

The best thing about moving with U-Pack is that you'll only pay for the space you use; so if you need every inch of trailer space, it's always available. Or, if you finish loading and realize you used less room than you planned on, the 'per-foot rate' allows you to lower your price to only pay for the space you needed.

If you're considering a 26 ft truck, try a free moving quote from U-Pack— you'll be surprised at the difference.

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