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26-Foot Truck: How much does it hold?

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How much fits in a 26-foot rental truck?
There are two rental truck companies that offer 26-foot trucks: U-Haul® and Budget®. Here’s what you can expect as far as capacity, or how much they’ll hold:

The internal dimensions of U-Haul’s 26-foot truck are 26’5” x 7’8” x 8’1”. It also has a “mom’s attic” over the top of the cab that measures 3’ x 7’8” x 3’1”. This translates into around 1,411 cubic feet of loading space (with a weight limit of 7,400 lbs.).

The interior dimensions of Penske’s 26-foot truck are 25’2” L x 7’8” W x 8’1 H. This translates into around 1,400 cubic feet of loading space (with a weight limit of 8,370 lbs.).

What this means is that you can expect a 26-foot truck to hold somewhere around a 3-4 bedroom home. But, of course, that all depends on what you’re actually moving. Is it a fully-furnished home? Do you have an attic, storage shed, garage or other out-building to add to it? Are you moving unusually large furniture or things that are difficult to stack?

To determine whether a 26-foot truck will hold your belongings (or if it’s too big and you’ll be paying for space you don’t use), here’s what I recommend doing: Use U-Pack’s Room-by-Room Moving Space Estimator tool. It’s designed to help you get a better idea of how much space you’ll need to move your home. At the end of the calculation, you’ll get a “total linear footage,” which tells you how much space you would use with U-Pack. Once you know the linear footage, it’s easy to convert to truck rental size.

  • 5 linear feet = 10-foot truck
  • 10 linear feet = 14-foot truck
  • 12 linear feet = 17-foot truck
  • 19 linear feet = 24-foot truck
  • 21 linear feet = 26-foot truck

If your linear footage comes back at 21 feet or more, more than likely, your belongings will not fit into a 26-foot truck. If your linear footage comes back at less than 19 feet, you’re probably paying for more space than you need.   

(Keep in mind that U-Pack trailers are wider and taller than rental trucks – the inside dimensions are 27’ x 8’ x 9’. That means just 21 linear feet in a U-Pack trailer is equivalent to the 26-foot truck.)

What if you need more space?
If you’ve read this post, you know that the largest truck available for rental is a 26-foot truck. So, what do you do if your belongings won’t fit? You could rent a trailer and pull it behind a rental truck or your personal vehicle, but that costs more, worsens gas mileage, and makes the trip even more difficult. You could leave stuff behind, but who wants to do that? My advice: Go U-Pack! You pay only for the space you use, and it’s always available if you need more. U-Pack is a DIYer’s dream; you pack, load, and unload – and U-Pack does the driving. All at a price that compares to truck rental.

Here’s how it works:

An empty 28-foot trailer is delivered to your location. You load your stuff – and if you’re moving a 3-4 bedroom home, you can probably expect to use somewhere between 16 linear feet and the full trailer, again, depending on how “fully” furnished your home is. A perk that U-Pack customers love is the flexibility. Regardless of how much space you reserve, you pay for what you use. So, for example, if the space estimator indicates you’ll need 21 feet, but you load super-efficiently and fit into 18 feet, you only pay for 18 feet. It works in reverse, too. If you think you’ll fit into 21 feet, but you end up needing more, it’s available. Your quote includes a “per-foot adjustment price” that you can add or subtract.

Curious how the prices compare? Getting a free online moving quote from U-Pack is easy (and there’s no obligation). Just enter the basics about your move online, or call us at 800-413-4799. And if you have questions or concerns about whether the 26-foot truck is the right fit for your move, leave a comment below. We’ll be happy to help!
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