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24 Ft Truck - Just How Much Does it Hold?

April 24th, 2014 - 4:00 PM

Is a 24 foot rental truck enough?

If you're moving a three-bedroom home, maybe. But, it depends on how fully furnished your home is. Figuring out whether your belongings will fit inside a rental truck can be tricky, especially if you've never moved before. It's plenty of room for some three-bedroom homes. But, for others it's not nearly enough. U-Pack Moving solves that problem.  You pay only for the space you use, and if you need more, it's always available. 

Will a 3-bedroom house fit in a 24 ft rental truck?

Here's how U-Pack works:

We deliver an empty 28 foot moving trailer to your home. You load into the amount of space you need and install a secure divider wall when you're finished. Your price is based on the linear footage your shipment takes up inside the trailer. Just add or subtract the "per-foot" adjustment rate to calculate your finals price (down to a five foot minimum). It's easy and affordable.

If you're still deciding between a 24 ft. truck and services like U-Pack, here are a few details you may want to consider:

How much space am I actually getting with a 24 ft. truck?

The inside dimensions of most 24 ft. trucks are around 24' x 7' 5" x 8' (lwh), and have a capacity of around 1380-1400 cubic feet. The inside dimensions of an moving trailer are 27' x 8' x 9' (lwh), and have a capacity of 1,944 cubic feet.  Because U-Pack trailers are wider and taller, 19-20 linear feet is equivalent to the 24 ft. truck.

How much will fit into a 24 ft. truck?
Since moves differ from household to household and everyone packs and loads differently, it's difficult to say exactly what will fit into a 24 ft. rental trucks.  But the U-Pack Space Estimator tool does a great job of providing a good approximation— very helpful for knowing what to expect.  We estimate that a typical large 3-bedroom home will fit into a 24 ft. rental truck— or 19 linear feet of a U-Pack moving trailer.    

What happens if I don't use the whole 24 ft. truck?
That's the problem with rental trucks:  If you don't quite fill the entire 24 ft truck, you still pay for it.  And if it gets down to the end, and you discover everything won't fit, you may have to leave stuff behind. Not ideal, either way.  

It's not a problem with U-Pack though.  You only pay for what you use, and more space is always available.

How much does it cost to fuel a 24 ft. truck?
Though this question isn't related to the truck's size, it is important info to know before you make a decision.  Most 24 ft. trucks get around 8 mpg.  That means, on a 1200 mile move your price to fuel the truck will be around $550-$600.  If you're driving your own vehicle, that gets 26 mpg, fuel for the same trip would be around $150-$200.  That can make a difference.

Get a free moving quote to compare the cost of moving long distance in a 24 ft truck to U-Pack. We drive. You save!