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22 Unexpected Uses for Moving Boxes

November 1st, 2013 - 2:13 PM

There’s more than one way to use a moving box!

If you have a bunch of moving boxes lying around after the big move (thank goodness it’s over, right?), you can turn them into something great! So instead of trashing those boxes, put them to good use with these 22 unexpected ways to use moving boxes.

22 Unexpected Uses for Moving Boxes

  1. Trying to hone your photography skills? Then you’ll love using a moving box to create your own light box. You can also make your own aluminum foil reflector to create better lighting conditions.
    Make your own photography light kit from leftover moving boxes.
  2. Costumes, decorations, candy – Halloween costs add up quick. Save a little green with these homemade Halloween costume ideas (out of leftover moving boxes of course!).
  3. Why go out to the movies when you can watch a flick at home in style? Learn how to make these drive-in movie cars here.
    drive in movie box.jpgA little decoration can turn a large moving box into a play car for kids!
  4. Keep Fluffy from tearing up your furniture with a cardboard cat scratcher.
  5. Use moving boxes for composting, planting flowers, getting rid of weeds, creating a flower bed, and more. Green thumb, here you come! Click here for the ideas.
  6. Put together a cardboard easel and let your child’s inner Picasso run wild!
  7. If your house is a mess (and it very well could be after moving), then it’s time to get organized. Turn those moving boxes into handy storage boxes.
  8. Planning to camp out in the backyard? Use small-medium strips of a moving box to kindle a fire. (S’mores, anyone?)
  9. Kids love this cardboard box slide--WAY more fun than just walking down the stairs!
    Turn a staircase into a slide by flattening cardboard boxes.
  10. Don’t trash that sturdy moving box – use it to make an emergency kit! Whether you choose to store it at work, at home, or in the car, you can be prepared in case of an emergency. Here is a list of what a basic emergency supply kit should include.
  11. Got a leaky roof? Use a moving box to temporarily repair it until a professional can fix it. Put a piece of cardboard into a plastic bag, then place it under the shingles. Voilà!
  12. If spray paint is one of your top crafting tools, then you definitely need this cardboard shield to prevent overspray.

A cardboard box makes a great spray shield when painting

[photo credit]

  1. Make a makeshift cardboard projector to watch movies! We’re not kidding. Watch the how-to video here.
  2. Kid-Size furniture? Count me in! Learn how to make these fun kids’ box seats out of leftover moving boxes.
  3. Create a cave of stars for your little one (or for yourself – hey, we don’t judge!). Find easy directions here.
  4.  Put together a stair basket to keep your life organized one step at a time!
  5. Combine all your moving boxes for one big project – a cardboard box maze!
  6. Make your own bean bag toss – perfect for tailgating or a rainy day inside.
    Make this fun bean bag toss game with any moving box and a pair of scissors!
  1. This cardboard travel lap desk is perfect for keeping the kids busy on the next family road trip.
  2. Suspect your car is leaking? Place a large piece of cardboard from the moving box under your car, then pull it out in a few hours to determine how much fluid is leaking, what the color of the fluid is, and the location of the leak.
  3. Who says you can only sled in the winter? Take a large piece of cardboard and sled down a grassy hill in the summertime!
  4. Hey, good lookin’, what ya got cookin’?  We never would have thought you could actually make a cardboard box reflector oven (that really works!).

Did we overlook any cool ways to reuse a moving box?

Leave a comment and let us know what we left out. Then check out our Pinterest boards for more moving-inspired projects!