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10 Foot Truck: How Much Does it Hold?

December 2nd, 2015 - 12:38 PM

What fits in a 10 ft. moving truck?

Typically, you can fit the contents of 1-2 rooms of household goods into a 10-foot rental truck. It’s important to remember that your one bedroom home may not be the same size as someone else’s. So, how do you know if your belongings will fit in a 10 ft. truck? Unfortunately, you won’t know for sure until you start loading up on moving day, but you can make a more educated guess with a little extra information. Take a look at the dimensions of a 10-foot truck and check out an alternative that may be a better fit for your belongings.

10 foot U-Haul truck

What are the dimensions of a 10-foot truck?​​

U-Haul® is the only major truck rental company to offer a 10-foot truck. The inside dimensions measure 9'11" x 6' 4" x 6'2" (LxWxH), with a capacity of about 387 cubic feet. Their website says it holds 1-2 bedrooms worth of furniture. This size truck doesn’t come with a ramp, which means you’ll have to lift your items 2’5” into the cargo area.

Budget®does not offer10-foot trucks anymore. Instead, they offer 12 ft. trucks- though they are 10’ in length. The interior dimensions of Budget’s smallest truck are 10’ x 6’3” x 6’, with a capacity of about 375 cubic feet, just a bit smaller than the U-Haul 10 foot truck. Budget says this truck holds 1-2 rooms. Like the 10 ft. U-Haul truck, the 12 ft. Budget truck doesn’t come with a ramp, and they don’t list the deck height on their website.

If you think your items will fit into a 10 ft. truck based on the dimensions above, you could go ahead and rent one – but why risk it? You could run out of room and need a bigger truck at the last minute. And then you also have to go through the hassle of driving the truck. There’s a better way to move long distance that doesn’t require driving or playing the “hope it fits” game, and that’s U-Pack®.

U-Pack: a flexible alternative to the 10-foot truck​​

U-Pack offers a “use the space you need” policy. There are two different equipment options: the trailer or ReloCube moving containers.  With the trailer, you just load your belongings inside, and pay only for the space you use (down to a 5 foot minimum).  Or with Cubes, you pay for the number of ReloCubes you use.

When you rent a truck, you pick the size truck you think will hold your items and hope everything fits as you load. That can be super nerve-wracking on an already hectic moving day. When you move with U-Pack, you have the flexibility to use however much space you need.

And customers love that they don’t have to drive! The moving equipment is brought right to your door, you load your belongings inside, and then we deliver  to your new home.

More about moving in a trailer: The U-Pack trailer is 28 ft. long, 8 ft. wide and 9 ft. tall. While that may seem like way too much space for a small move, it’s not! That’s because you pay for the linear footage you use inside (with a 5 ft. minimum). So if you reserve 7 linear feet for your two-bedroom home and end up only using 5 feet, then 5 feet is what you pay for. When you compare space, remember that the U-Pack trailer is not only longer, but also taller and wider than a typical rental truck – so the space you need in a trailer is different from the size truck you would need. Every U-Pack quote includes a “per-foot adjustment rate”, so you always know how to adjust your price as you load.

More about moving in a ReloCube: The ReloCube measures 6’ x 7’ x 8’, and typically holds one room of furnishings. You can reserve as many Cubes as you think you’ll need for the amount of items you own. Let’s say you get 2 Cubes just in case. If you end up fitting everything into one Cube, one is all you pay for, and there’s no charge for the Cube(s) you didn’t use.

If you're concerned about whether a 10-foot truck will hold all your belongings, it's well worth the time to take a look at U-Pack. You get the flexibility you need without all the worry. Plus, U-Pack does the driving – icing on the cake!

The cost of a 10-foot truck vs. U-Pack​

In the end, it all comes down to price. While U-Pack has the flexibility you want, the big question is how much it’ll cost. The good news is that U-Pack prices are usually comparable to truck rental for long distance moves (especially when you factor in the cost of fuel). Check out this example:

For a move from San Diego, CA to Houston, TX in a 10 foot U-Haul truck, the cost is $1,467 (includes 6 days of use and 1,736 miles). But that’s just for the truck. Other expenses include Safemove® coverage ($105), an environmental fee ($5), and gas to fill the truck ($454 according to this rental truck fuel calculator). That brings the total to $2,031.

The same move with U-Pack costs $1,475 for one ReloCube, $2,213 for two Cubes, $1,415 for 5 feet in the trailer (comparable to 10 ft. truck), or $1,533 for 7 feet in the trailer (comparable to a 12 ft. truck). Most of those prices are all quite a bit less than the $2,031 it would cost to rent a 10 ft. truck. And fuel, standard liability coverage, plus the driver are included – no extra costs.

Note: The quotes above were gathered on 11/23/2015 and can fluctuate at any time depending on the details surrounding the move. This example is simply a great way for you to see how U-Pack compares to truck rental in terms of price.

Fit it all with U-Pack!​

If you're moving long distance, it can be hard to know if a 10-foot rental truck will fit all your belongings. That's why U-Pack isan ideal alternative.  Space is always available, and you control the price as you load.

Get a free moving quote online to see how you can move with U-Pack, or by calling 800-413-4799.

If you have questions about how much a 10-foot truck will hold or about moving with U-Pack, leave a comment below. We're happy to help!