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Moving Weight Restrictions
Category:  U-Pack Equipment

Posted By:
Becky Google+
12:03 PM

Many of you ask whether our prices are based on weight, like many other movers . . . and luckily that isn't the case. U-Pack charges by the linear footage or the number of Cubes you use. This way of determining cost gives you more control over your price.

DOT Weight Restrictions
With this in mind, Our transportation providers are subject to state and federal over the road weight limits, and there may be fines assessed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) if the shipment exceeds legal weight limits. If you feel like your shipment may be slightly heavier than a normal household shipment, this can be very important.

Ramp for your Moving Trailer
Category:  U-Pack Equipment

Posted By:
Jeremy 11/13/2008
11:14 AM

When you're preparing to move it seems like there are always lots of questions and last minute concerns. And we get a lot of questions about our moving ramps – how to order one, how big they are, how much weight they hold, how to set them up, etc., etc. So, here are a few things you should know to be worry free and easily breeze thru your move. 

It's FREE!
We provide a free moving ramp with every trailer move. You don't have to request or reserve it – we automatically deliver it with your moving trailer. Ramps are limited to one per shipment – that's not a problem though, since one is all you'll need.

Bulkhead = Cheap Moving Prices and Reliable Service
Category:  U-Pack Equipment

Posted By:
Autumnn Google+
4:30 PM

If you've been researching moving companies and are familiar with U-Pack, you probably know that one of the reasons we can provide a cheap moving alternative is because the space you don't use in the trailer is used to move boxed or palletized commercial goods. So, when you've got a long distance move, we can drive for you and keep the price similar to (or less than) truck rental prices.

So, how do we separate your stuff?
First of all, you're the only household goods move on the trailer, so you don't have to worry about your stuff getting mixed up with someone else's. And, to separate your things from the commercial goods, we'll provide a divider wall for you to install – called a Bulkhead.